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Working Papers

Using Google data to understand governments'approval in Latin America

Revisiting personal income tax in Latin America: Evolution and impact, DEV WP No. 338

Fiscal policy and the cycle in Latin America: The role of financing conditions and fiscal rules, DEV WP No. 336

Mind the skills gap! Regional and industry patterns in emerging economies, DEV WP No. 329 

“Doctoring the ball”: The political economy of tax incentives for investment in the Dominican Republic, DEV WP No. 322

Productive Capabilities: An Empirical Investigation of their Determinants, DEV WP No. 321

The Rationale for Higher Education Investment in Ibero-America, DEV WP No. 319

How Redistributive is Fiscal Policy in Latin America? DEV WP No. 318

Opening the Black Box of Contract Renegotiations, DEV WP No. 317

The Politics of Transport Infrastructure Policies in Colombia, DEV WP No. 316

What Drives Tax Morale? DEV WP No. 315

Development Accounting: Lessons for Latin America, DEV WP No. 313

The Product Space and the Middle-Income Trap, DEV WP No. 311

Making Reform Happen in Colombia, DEV WP No. 309

Being "Middle-Class" in Latin America, DEV WP No. 305

The Process of Reform in Latin America, DEV WP No. 304

Public Infrastructure Investment and Fiscal Sustainability in Latin America, DEV WP No. 301

Ascendance by Descendants? DEV WP No. 297

The Economy of the Possible, DEV WP No. 295

Taxation and More Representation? DEV WP No. 294

Fiscal Policy in Latin America, DEV WP No. 291

On the Role of Productivity and Factor Accumulation in Economic Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, DEV WP No. 290

South America for the Chinese? DEV WP No. 289

Innovation, Productivity and Economic Development in Latin America and the Caribbean DEV WP No. 288

Are Sovereign Wealth Funds' Investments Politically Biased? DEV WP No. 283

Are Workers' Remittances Relevant for Credit Rating Agencies? DEV WP No. 282

Revisiting Political Budget Cycles in Latin America DEV WP No. 281